Bondloc B5180 Non Setting Gasket

New technology sealant which is free from the solvent problems of other formulations.

Bondloc B5190 Flexible Gasket

Replaces the old conventional, filled products for all types of engine surface applications.

Bondloc B5120 Radiator Seal

Epoxy repair stick suitable for radiator repair.

Bondloc Rear View Mirror Bonder

Fast acting strong adhesive for bonding rear view mirrors to windscreen.

Bondloc Windscreen Repair Kit

UV curable clear adheive for repairing cracks and chipped windscreens.

Bondloc B7769 Brake and Clutch Cleaner

Fast evaporating solvent cleaner for use on mechanical components, requires no rinsing or cleaning off.

Bondloc B7774 Belt Dressing

Designed to prevent slippage of belts and conveyors.

Bondloc B7777 Penetrating Oil

Used to free rusted mechanical parts.

Bondloc B7782 Gasket Remover

Highly active gel aerosol anaerobic gasket stripper.

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