Bondloc B2004 Copper Epoxy Stick

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B2004 is a hand–mixable, fast–setting, copper–reinforced epoxy putty that quickly repairs pipes, tanks and vessels made of copper, brass, bronze and other non–ferrous metals. After mixing, it forms a polymer compound that is extremely tough and durable and offers exceptional adhesion. Each handy stick contains pre-measured portions of activator and base throughout no measuring or mixing tools are necessary. The consistency (like modelling clay) eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate, and allows the material to be shaped as needed before curing begins. Cured B2004 has the same appearance and texture of metal. Suitable for interior or exterior use.


B2004 can be used to repair freeze breaks, leaking household hot waterlines and other plumbing problems. B2004 will seal copper gutters, downspouts, pipes, elbows, joints, sleeves and traps, and will bond to damp, wet and slow leaking surfaces.


  • Pack Size : 50g, 114g
  • Colour : Copper
  • Viscosity : Putty
  • Service Temperature Range : –40°C – +121°C continuous
  • Service Temperature Range : –40°C – +149°C intermediate


Bondloc B2004 Copper Epoxy Stick TDS

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