Bondloc B330 Multi Bonder

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B330 is our all purpose “multi” style rubber toughened acrylic structural adhesive. B330 is used in conjunction with our B7386 activator and a strong, flexible bond is formed within 1-2 minutes.


Typical applications are varied but include wood to metals, metal to metal such as handles, strengthening bars for sheet fabrication, magnets to coated or plated steel including aluminium, brass and some plastics such as hard and slightly flexible parts. Teflon and rubbers are difficult, if not impossible without special treatments.


  • Pack Size : 50ml kit
  • Colour : Amber
  • Viscosity : 45,000 – 90,000 cps
  • Service Temperature Range : –50°C – +130°C


Bondloc B330 Multi Bonder TDS

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