Bondloc B577 Pipeseal

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B577 pipeseal is a high viscosity thixotropic gel paste which cures rapidly, sealing instantly to 10 bar through its anaerobic cure system in contact with metals in the absence of air (oxygen). When fully cured it resists pressure up to 350 bar. B577 is not suitable for oxygen systems. Good chemical/solvent resistance to ethanol, motor oil, unleaded petrol, acetone and brake fluid.


Typical applications are in sealing of all types of threaded connections against water, oil, gases and most common materials conveyed by pipes.


  • Pack Size : 50ml, 65ml, 250ml
  • Clam Pack : 50ml
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Strength : Low
  • Viscosity : 50,000 cps
  • Breakaway : 11Nm
  • Service Temperature Range : –55°C – +150°C
  • Gap Fill : 0.5mm


Bondloc B577 Pipeseal TDS

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