Bondloc B7765 PTFE Dry Film

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B7765 is a multipurpose, food grade PTFE dry film for light lubrication. Non-toxic PTFE dry film for use as a dry anti-stick film or light lubrication of links, pins, chutes and slides etc. Operating in food/clean environments.


For dry lubrication of sliding parts, especially where oils, greases and similar agents cause soiling. For metals, plastics and rubber. Film thickness of 10cm allows for use even with the very fine tolerances in precision engineering. Can also be used as separation agent e.g. in the plastic processing industry. For sliding roof and seat rails, door hinges and locks, sliding doors, tilting window mechanisms, window locks, furniture hinges, drawer runners, ball bearings and electrical switches.


  • Pack Size : 400ml
  • Colour : Colourless
  • Base : PTFE
  • Service Temperature Range : –200°C – +270°C


Bondloc B7765 PTFE Dry Film TDS

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