Bondloc Epoxy Repair Putty Display

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Bondloc epoxy repair putties are hand-mixable, non-rusting, reinforced epoxy putty range that quickly repairs or rebuilds many different substrates. The range consists of steel, aqua, aluminium, wood, plastic and copper. After mixing they form an industrial strength polymer compound that can be moulded into any shape. Each handy stick contains pre measured portions of base and activator throughout. No measuring or mixing tools are necessary. The consistency eliminates drips and runs and facilitates adhesion to the substrates. After 60 minutes the application can be drilled, tapped, ground, machined, filed and painted. Suitable for interior or exterior use, it is resistant to chemicals, water and temperature extremes. Bondloc epoxy repair putties contain no solvents or VOCs. They are non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. They won’t shrink or pull away. The unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.

Available In

  • Steel-EP50-24 Epoxy Steel Display Stand 50g – 24 pack
  • Aqua-EP50-24 Epoxy Aqua Display Stand 50g – 24 pack
  • Ali-EP50-24 Epoxy Aluminium Display Stand 50g – 24 pack
  • Wood-EP50-24 Epoxy Wood Display Stand 50g – 24 pack
  • Plastic-EP50-24 Epoxy Plastic Display Stand 50g – 24 pack
  • Copper-EP50-24 Epoxy Copper Display Stand 50g – 24 pack

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