Structural Adhesives & Epoxy Sticks

Structural Adhesives

Bondloc structural adhesives utilise a wide range of resin bases in order to provide end users with the best possible product for each individual application. A key factor of our modern design and engineering processes is the desire to produce unique products that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Our innovative range of high-strength structural adhesives are fully compatible with modern manufacturing processes and allow for even greater flexibility in component design.

B330Acrylic Multi-Bonder Kit50ml (kit)
B2001Steel Epoxy Putty Stick50g, 114g
B2002Aluminium Epoxy Putty Stick50g, 114g
B2003Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick50g, 114g
B2004Copper Epoxy Putty Stick50g
B2006Wood Epoxy Putty Stick50g
B2007Aqua Epoxy Putty Stick50g
B201160 Minute Epoxy25ml, 50ml
B20125 Minute Epoxy25ml, 50ml
B2013Steel Epoxy25ml, 50ml
B2025Underwater Epoxy Resin25ml
B20601 Minute Epoxy25ml
B220490 Minute Steel Epoxy50ml, 400ml
B3286Low Surface Energy Bonder50ml
B32911 Minute Structural Polyurethane50ml
B32933 Minute Structural Polyurethane50ml
B3294Plastic Weld25ml
B3295Structural Acrylic Pink & Green25ml, 50ml, 400ml
B3298Structural Acrylic 4-7 Minute50ml, 400ml
B3299Structural Acrylic 14-18 Minute50ml, 400ml
B3400Clear Acrylic / PMMA Bonder50ml, 250ml, 490ml
B3420Universal Bonder (Black)50ml, 490ml
B3422Universal Bonder (Black)50ml, 490ml
B34ESEngineered Stone Bonder50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 490ml
B34SSAcrylic & Quartz Bonder50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 490ml