MRO Aerosols & Products

A comprehensive range of lubricants and cleaners designed for all maintenance needs. Applications ranging from anti-seize & assembly through chains & bearing, to open gear & wire rope lubricants. There are pre treatment cleaners and adhesives activators also within this section.

Bondloc B771 Nickel Anti-Seize

High temperature ubricant that resists galling.

Bondloc B772 Copper Anti-Seize

Used to prevent seizing corrosion and galling.

Bondloc B773 Aluminium Anti-Seize

Protect threads against high temperatures.

Bondloc B7063 Solvent Cleaner

Formulation used for cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.

Bondloc B7765 PTFE Dry Film

Multi purpose, food grade PTFE dry film.

Bondloc B7766 PTFE Lubricant

High performance maintenance lubricant with PTFE.

Bondloc B7767 Silicone Lubricant

Lubricant for use on slipways, plastic fittings and moulds.

Bondloc B7768 Silicone PTFE

Multi-purpose, multi-functional light grease application.

Bondloc B7769 Brake and Clutch Cleaner

Fast evaporating solvent cleaner for use on mechanical components, requires no rinsing or cleaning off.

Bondloc B7770 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning all types of metallic surfaces.

Bondloc B7772 Adhesive Spray

High quality, all purpose spray adhesive.

Bondloc B7774 Belt Dressing

Designed to prevent slippage of belts and conveyors.

Bondloc B7775 Copper Anti-Seize

General purpose grease or high temperature lubricant.

Bondloc B7776 Chain and Cable Lubricant

Used on medium and heavy loaded chain devices.

Bondloc B7777 Penetrating Oil

Used to free rusted mechanical parts.

Bondloc B7778 Cut and Tap

Used on cutting tools for reducing heat and friction.

Bondloc B7779 Food Safe Lubricant

Used in all food plants, dairies, canneries and breweries.

Bondloc B7780 Food Safe Grease

Grease version of B7779.

Bondloc B7782 Gasket Remover

Highly active gel aerosol anaerobic gasket stripper.

Bondloc BPB Pipe Repair Bandage

Flexible application to bends and shaped fittings..

Bondloc Engineers Kit

Packed with 15 different products this kit has everything for the most demanding engineer.

Bondloc MRO Mini-Mate Kit

Selection of 12 different products in small pack sizes, ideal as an emergency adhesive kit.

Bondloc B2001 Steel Epoxy Stick

Colour changes to grey after mixing, applied under water.

Bondloc B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Stick

Aluminium epoxy stick, after mixing it moulds like clay.

Bondloc B2003 Plastic Epoxy Stick

Speciality epoxy putty that mixes in one minute.

Bondloc B2004 Copper Epoxy Stick

Hand-mixable, fast-setting, copper-reinforced epoxy putty to repair pipes, tanks and vessels.

Bondloc B2006 Wood Epoxy Stick

Hand-mixable, fast-setting, epoxy putty to repair and rebuild wood quickly.

Bondloc B2007 Aqua Epoxy Stick

Hand-mixable, specialty epoxy putty for repairs to damp, wet areas and underwater surfaces.

Bondloc B5120 Radiator Seal

Epoxy repair stick suitable for radiator repair.

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