Bondloc MRO Mini-Mate Kit

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With a selection of 12 different products in small pack sizes this compact case is ideal for handing out to all MRO engineers as an emergency adhesive kit. Carefully selected to cover the widest range of applications with handy pack sizes that are ideal for small jobs this low cost kit is perfect for anyone that wants an adhesive kit “just in case” of an emergency.


  • B242 Nutlock 10ml
  • B270 Studlock 10ml
  • B2001 Steel Epoxy Stick 50g
  • B3294 Plastic Weld 28ml
  • B401 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 20g
  • B542 Hydraulic Seal and Locker 10ml
  • B567 Stainless Steel Pipe Seal 50ml
  • B574 Instant Gasket 50ml
  • B577 Pipeseal 50ml
  • B603 Retainer 10ml
  • B641 Bearing Fit 10ml
  • RTV123 Silicone 80ml

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