Bondloc B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Stick

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A hand kneadable, speciality epoxy putty that mixes in 1 minute for permanent repairs to aluminium surfaces. It comes in a handy rod form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting colour base material. Its putty like consistency eliminates drips and runs, providing “no mess” supplication with no tools required to use. The mixed epoxy turns from a silvery colour to alloy upon curing and will not yellow upon exposure to UV light. After final cure B2002 may be drilled, sawed, tapped filed, sanded and painted.


B2002 can be used to permanently patch dents, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes in items such as housings and all types of repairs to moulding and injection type shapes. It can be used to make emergency repairs to reforming, rebuilding and patching anything made out of aluminium such as HVAC parts, refrigeration units, air conditioning units, machine parts, alu–roofing and siding, flagpoles, shelving, platforms, walkways, campers, road vehicles, canopies, gutters, truck and trailer bodies, wheels, manifolds, stripped threads, marine hardware and castings.


  • Pack Size : 50g, 114g
  • Clam Pack : 50g
  • Colour : Light silver
  • Viscosity : Putty
  • Service Temperature Range : –40°C – +121°C continuous
  • Service Temperature Range : –40°C – +149°C intermediate


Bondloc B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Stick TDS

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