Anaerobic adhesives cure only in the absence of air and in the presence of metal. They cure to form a tough durable polymer which exhibits excellent chemical and environmental resistances.

Our anaerobic range consists of threadlocker, pipeseals and gaskets grades and retaining compounds, we have the facility to bespoke manufacture all of these formulations to meet our clients application demands.

Our products are used for thousands of different applications across the industrial market; including automotive, aerospace, marine, transport, general and precision engineering.

If you can’t find the grade you’re looking for listed please contact our sales team on 01299 269 269.

Bondloc B542 Hydraulic Seal and Locker

Used for hydraulic connections, couplings and fittings.

Bondloc B566 Threadlock

Used to seal against water, oil and most organic materials.

Bondloc B567 Stainless Steel Pipe Seal

Prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration.

Bondloc B572 Pipeseal

Used to seal against oils, gases, chemicals, water and steam.

Bondloc B577 Pipeseal

Locking and sealing of metal threaded pipes and fittings.

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