Bondloc BPU Gel

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BPU gel is a single component solvent free translucent gel moisture – curing polyurethane adhesive specially formulated for water-resistant bonding (EN 204 D4 classification). It is an all purpose fast setting wood adhesive suitable for internal and external applications.


BPU gel has excellent adhesion to wood, chipboard, laminate, metals, polyurethane, expanded and extruded polystyrene, foams, mineral wool, concrete, stone, bricks, gypsum boards and all traditional porous substrates. Use for all woodworking and construction applications.


  • Pack Size : 310ml
  • Base : Polyurethane
  • Viscosity : Viscous/thixotropic
  • Flash Point : >200°C
  • Service Temperature Range : –30°C – +150°C


Bondloc BPU Gel TDS

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