Bondloc UK Ltd


Selection of 12 products in a compact case. The smaller pack sizes and low cost make the Minimate ideal for emergencies.

  • B242 Nutlock 50ml
  • B270 Studlock 50ml
  • B401 Cyanoacrylate 20g
  • B542 Hydraulic Seal 10ml
  • B567 Stainless Pipe Seal 50ml
  • B574 Instant Gasket 50ml
  • B577 Pipeseal 50ml
  • B603 Retainer 50ml
  • B641 Bearing Fit 50ml
  • B2001 Steel Epoxy Stick 114g
  • B3294 Plastic Weld 28g
  • RTV123 Silicone 80ml