Bondloc B5180 Non Setting Gasket

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B5180 is a blue non setting gasket. It is a new technology sealant which is free from the solvent problems of other formulations and stays flexible when cured. The product cures to a non-hardening consistency, forming an instant seal that will not crack, chip or flake.


All purpose, non-cracking user friendly formulation. B5180 is ideal for engine gaskets, surfaces, cylinder heads, water pumps, gear boxes, threaded assemblies, flanges and pipe joints. When cured B5180 is resistant to petrol, ethanol, steam, anti-freeze, mineral and vegetable oils, common solvents and most chemicals.


  • Pack Size : 75ml, 250ml, 310ml
  • Clam Pack : 75ml
  • Colour : Blue
  • Base : Solvent
  • Viscosity : 5,000 cps
  • Gap Fill : 0.5mm
  • Service Temperature Range : –55°C – +270°C


Bondloc B5180 Non Setting Gasket TDS

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